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Pictures of Bremen Tram



Normanusrex wishes all visitors merry christmas and a happy new year 2008!

The historical tram 134 was built 1904. After many years of reliable service on bremen tram lines and as driving school car it is now one of the famous historical trams to be seen at special occassions in Bremen, like Dec., 23th '07 in the famous Obernstrasse, near the Bremen „Weihnachtsmarkt“.

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Welcome!! On this homepage i'd like to show some bits of my hobby: the public transport in and around Bremen and taking photos of it. The most pics show trams and busses of the Bremer Straßenbahn AG, which provides the public transport in the City of Bremen.

You have already seen the, so called, "Event Photo", which shows current events around Bremen trams und transport. Clicking on the first choice beyond you'll find the archive of all former "Event Photos".

Every now and then, there will be extra sides about special occassions, like anniversaries oder route openings. For example the page about the new roling stock, GT8N-1, the annual Bremen fair, the "Freimarkt", or the opening of the new route on tramline 3 to the Bremen "Europahafen".

There is also a quiz about Bremen Tram.




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